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Blade PM™ goes to work when you go to sleep. During this time your body is in a state of pure energy expenditure with zero calorie intake. This is when your body is begging to burn fat - and Blade PM™ knows it!

Fat burning does not only occur during the day time. In fact, long periods of fasting are where fat metabolism needs to be predominant. Periods such as sleep is such a time where the bulk energy to keep alive is from fat metabolism rather than any other fuel source. Blade PM™ harnesses this concept to exploit the process of fat burning during sleep to make it work more in your favor.

A lot of fat-burning supplements out there expect you to change your entire life for them. Your fat-burner should work for you, not the other way around. Blade PM™ is the only three-stage night time fat-burner for men that asks nothing more from you than 30 seconds of your time, an hour before you go to sleep.